Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Reading Here and There

I got my copy of Primal Wound today with InterLibrary Loan. Anyone else reading this now? I am diving in tonight. Wish me luck!

Other cheerful topics:

I heard this on NPR this morning driving to work. Our bodies our toxic waste sites?

Also I read about Darfur in the paper last night and at Phantom Scribbler today.

Then there was Jabari Asim's column in the paper last night about life expectancy for black men. Based on a study put out recently, I am wondering if one of my sons' can expect to live to 77.9 and the other two can expect only to get to 72.9?

Any good news out there in blogland?


afrindiemum said...

i'm reading it! i was taking notes, but i think z lost them for me.

we should chat about it. it's not like - hitting me with any sort of huge pieces of information i didn't already believe - but i'm finding a lot of it useful and applicable.

Andromeda Jazmon said...

I am getting into it and I am not surprised by anything yet either. It is giving me a lot to think about and making me sad though. I will post more about it next week I am sure. I wish we could have a round table or conference blog or something...