Tuesday, September 19, 2006

"I found you an article on women who blog" she said helpfully.

My mom loves to clip articles and send them to her children and grandchildren. I have many times tried to explain to her that I work in a library; I read all day long; I see the same magazines and newspapers and articles she sees and I read them online as much as possible. At the end of the day I am carting three lunchboxes, two backpacks, a beltpack, a bunch of preschool papers, my book, three jackets/sweaters and two kids. I don't have another hand for more papers. But she loves to share things with me and I understand that and I sometimes appreciate it. My revenge is when I can print something out and give it to her.

Today she gave me this. On paper, of course. I think she or my dad must have found it in the print magazine and copied it. I chuckled all through reading it while cooking dinner. Perhaps the intersection of all things theological/pastorial/congregational/ecuminical and cyber-social networking will become a new facination for them. They still print out emails to make sure I get them. They print my blog and keep a file of their favorite posts, which I think is sweet and very encouraging. Now blogs are becoming part of their world, even if they do read them in print.

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