Sunday, September 24, 2006

Crockpot season

I found this great new chicken crockpot recipe at Element of de-tale. It's called Sweet and Sour Chicken and it is delicious! I made it yesterday and the whole house smelled wonderful all day. I left out the ginger because I don't like it and didn't have any, and I added a splash of cooking sherry to make up for that. I also made sure I used gluten-free soy sauce and bullion. My parents came over and we had a great time.

Buddy has come down with his first cold of the season so we skipped soccer and just stayed home doing housework and playing. I love weekends that are slow and give you time to catch up and enjoy your cozy home. And I love finding a new-to-me crockpot recipe on a new-to-me blog! What did you do this weekend that gave you time to breathe?


Repressed Librarian said...

I had a friend drive a long way to get here so we could go hiking yesterday, but it was raining and cold all day. So we went to Borders, where we drank tea and read magazines and just talked all afternoon. It was lovely.

tallulah said...

I wished I had a moment to myself this weekend....just work, work, work.
On a positive note, I made an absolutely tasty Thai ginger pork recipe tht you roll in little lettuce cups...umm...with extra ginger so I won't be sending you that recipe!
I'm glad your time was cozy and relaxing.

rachel said...

I'm so pleased that you enjoyed the recipe. I'm sure that you enjoyed the warmth of family togetherness even more! :o)