Friday, August 25, 2006

What I want you to know

I once heard a story about a visit to heaven and hell. In both places the visitor saw many people seated at a table on which many delicious foods were laid out. Chopsticks over a meter long were tied to their right hands, while their left hands were tied to their chairs. In hell, however much they stretched out their arms, the chopsticks were too long for them to get food into their mouths. They grew impatient and got their hands and chopsticks tangled with one another's. The delicacies were scattered here and there.
In heaven on the other hand, people happily used the long chopsticks to pick out someone else's favortie food and feed it to him, and in turn they were being fed by others. They all enjoyed their meal in harmony.

-Shundo Aoyama, Zen Seeds

It seems I am living in heaven here. This is my contribution to the Blog carnival .



Anonymous said...

Thank you..that was beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love this story! Thank you.

Third Mom said...

I love this!!!!

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nice nice NICE!!!!