Thursday, August 31, 2006

Vacation has to end sometime...

I bought more wool today… couldn’t help myself. Aren’t these colors beautiful? There is a chill in the air and I think Punkin is going to need some leggings.

It has rained for a week, every day, and the weather report is calling for heavy rain and flooding this weekend. Buddy is one of those Tigger types that needs to get outside to bounce and roar every day, or he starts climbing the walls and driving me berserk. It has been that kind of week. Today we had planned to met a friend at the park so we took a chance and went under cloudy skies. My friend has four children; the oldest 7 and the youngest the same age as Punkin. Her middle son is the same age as Buddy and also adopted. We had a lovely time chatting while they played. It’s a great playground built by parent volunteers at one of the city elementary schools (the best one in that part of the city). The sun came out after a while and it was so lovely to be there with her and the children.

If you are here because you like to read children’s book reviews, you may be wondering where the book talk has been during the month of August. Never fear, school starts next week and I’ll be back in my library. Books will be in focus again. What a summer it’s been!


Mary Lee said...

Happy BlogDay!

Mia said...

Oh you're right those colors are brilliant! Will you post a photo of the leggins when they are done?