Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Flickr puzzles me

For this week the Learning 2.0 group is exploring Flickr and we are supposed to post about anything technology related, as well as playing with Flickr and sharing photos. I have been using Flickr since mid July with a free account. In July I uploaded 91 photos, mostly of my garden and my kids. I have a Flickr badge on my blog sidebar with garden pictures and I enjoy it a lot. In August I uploaded 23 photos. Last week I got a message that I had exceeded my monthly upload allowance for a free account, and it was suggested that I upgrade for $25 a year. That is not a lot of money, granted, but I don’t particularly want to pay them to hold and share my photos. I am puzzled about why August seemed to fill up so quickly. I used the same camera with the same settings, so how could I have used up so much more bandwidth? I feel like they are scamming me just to get me to upgrade my account. I spent some time studying the Help section of the site, just to understand what a free account was capable of, and I found this:

FAQ says: “How many photos can I upload for free?

When you have a free Flickr account, you can upload 20MB worth of photos each calendar month. This is a bandwidth limit, and not an amount of space that you have to play with on Flickr servers.

Your bandwidth allowance is reset to zero at midnight in Pacific Time Zone (Flickr HQ time) on the first of each calendar month.

That just doesn't make sense. Has anyone else run into this situation? I would love to hear of other’s experience and tips. If you have paid for an upgraded account, do you think it is worth it? What are the best features? I haven’t joined any groups but I thought about trying to get all my family members to join and make a family group. Does anyone do that and how is it working for you? I do love to browse the photos of other bloggers. So many of them are fantastic photographers. One of the mashups I could spend hours on is We Map Flickr. A.Maze.Ing. People all over the world posting their photos, and we can all browse them any ol' time. Who'd a thunk it?

I have also been experimenting with another site called BubbleShare. I have a free account with them, and there has been no mention of exceeding my monthly allotment or any of that nonsense. I can blog the photos just as easily, and in fact it is more fun because I can use a flash player to put a slide show right in a blog post. I did it here and here. I haven’t played around with any other features and I don’t know how big the membership is compared to Flickr, so I would love to hear some comments about that if anyone else has experience with it.

In general I have found that sharing photos is one of my favorite features of the Internet and blogging. I just can’t get enough of posting my own photos and seeing everyone else’s. So if you have a Flickr account and like to post photos, give me a holler and I will blogroll you baby!



Suzanne said...


I did not like Flikr, but found Bubbleshare wasy to use. 'm trying to do the Learning 2.0 project too, bu I am all out of sequence, having done some already and not able to stay current right now. We leave in the morning for Russia.

Yours is still my favorite blog -- I cook with Moosewood too.

Suzanne said...

obviously, I am also missing some keystokes.