Sunday, July 23, 2006

Pink Floyd and Oz

I listened to Pink Floyd every single day when I was in High School. We read the Oz books, we watched the movie every year on Thanksgiving. Now Buster shows me these two video mashups he find on the net. Who would'a thought these young people would be so clever and love the old stuff we loved, but in a new and integrated way? These two youtube movies are amazing. I keep watching them over and over....


Andrea said...

OK, I clicked over from your comments on my site, and beyond the fact:

1) You used to live in China. So did I.

2) You've been to Cedar Campus. So have I (I actually worked kitchen crew there one summer).


3) You are a librarian. I am a would-be librarian (have worked in libraries, have an unfinished degree in library science)

4) My older daughter was watching the Wizard of Oz today.

5) We use the same Blogger template.

OK, the last two are stretching, I know. But the first two alone, with the third as a bonus are enough to put you on my list of daily visits :)

cloudscome said...

Ha Ha I know!! I was thinking about you when I woke up this morning. You have brought back all those memories of CC. I actually can put myself back in those rocks and remember particular trees and spots on the beach. The strawberries we found at an abandoned cabin in the woods were the best I have ever tasted and I will never forget them. We have five kids in our family and we always stayed in the duplex at the end of the row of staff cabins. I can still remember running all the way to the bell tower on the grass path, jumping over the swampy spots.

I am wondering if we know some of the same people IRL or something. You sound younger than me (I am 47) but maybe we swim in the same pond; 6 degrees and all that. Isn't it amazing that we found each other on Repressed Librarian's blog! I love reading her.

I have an unfinished library degree too, BTW. I just got blessed with a great job as a librarian while still in school. I'll be at your site reading every day too! :)