Saturday, June 10, 2006


Today is the anual neighborhood yardsale. I am getting rid of a pile of stuff that has been hanging around the house... hopefully most of it good in someone's eyes. I usually don't make much money at these things, I think because I don't have a lot of good stuff to sell. What's the best thing you ever bought at a yard sale? The best thing you ever sold? Did you ever sell something and then later really wish you still had it?

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Kohana said...

I sold a floor length, hilarious, faux fur coat. It was pretty much the most indecent thing you've ever seen. The woman who wanted to buy it wanted it for a Halloween costume. I had worn it to some serious costume parties as part of a glorious getup. The worst thing is she kept barganing and barganing until I think I was practically paying her to take my clothes. I loved that coat and after her hounding I didn't even want to sell it to her...but I did.