Sunday, June 04, 2006

Mac is Back

Hey my Mac is back! Yay I can surf on weekends ! When I called to check on it on Friday the tech guy said he still couldn't find anything wrong with it. He had been running it for three weeks with no problem at all. For us is was crashing and showing a black screen and refusing to wake up or respond at all. So I told him I would come and get it. We speculated that maybe it was my cables or surge protector or printer causing the problem. Who knows. It did crash for my once this morning when I was running three programs and plugged my camera in too. I guess we are operating bare bones until I figure it out. Buster thinks we need more memory. And a high speed line. Perhaps he's right.

I have been thinking a lot about how I love to post pictures of my kids. It seems a risky thing to do though, knowing how the Internet runs wild and I have no control over what other people can download and manipulate and repost... This weekend I have seen warnings on two forums/Yahoo groups about someone downloading kids pictures and passing them off as their own kids. And when I look at my site meter and see the kind of people who find my blog from Google, I realize the audience is tremendously diverse. So I am thinking maybe I won't post my kids' pictures anymore. I love sharing and I think they are my best photographic subjects, but I feel the need to protect them and their innocent beauty, KWIM? I am challenging myself to learn more photography with more challenging subjects. Kids are easy to get looking good, anyway. I know some of you post a lot of kid's pictures, and share your Flickr sites. What do you think about being so free and open? Do you have and tricks for keeping them secure?

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