Thursday, June 01, 2006

Learning to Hear with the Heart

There is a little book I am reading in the early mornings, when I get up when the birds are singing and before my boys start to clamor for food and such. It is the type of book you read slowly, one short chapter at a time, with plenty to chew on and muse over. It is called Learning to Hear with the Heart; Meditations for Discerning God’s Will by Debra K. Farrington. It is meant to be a guide for learning to hear the spirit of God. In the introduction the author says discernment should be a habit, practiced by teaching your mind, body, and soul to be more attentive… to become more aware and alert intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. She says “I intend for them (these meditations) to help you explore – with your mind, body, and soul – some of the different ways in which you can open up your heart and hear.”

She suggests that I:

1. practice silence
2. practice paying attention
3. study with an open heart and mind
4. find spiritual companionship
5. balance reason and imagination
6. balance patience and action

All of this is spread over a period of four weeks, while reading one chapter a day and thinking deeply on each meditation. She says it is helpful to begin by being aware of one question or issue you’d like to explore while you’re reading the meditations. For my focus I have chosen the question that has been on my mind for the last several years. I keep answering it and then circling around to ask again, at a deeper level, how I can do more and address it more cohesively. My question is “How can I further simplify my life and cut my consumption in order to focus and channel my gifts and resources?” I hope over the coming weeks I will be able to revisit this topic and share some of what I am learning. I welcome you to join me in exploring a deeper spirituality and a more attentive, listening heart, mind and body. If you are on a similar quest, please comment and let me know what you are learning and discovering!


Jenna said...

I'm reading a devotional... hold on, lemme amazon it ... Women of the Bible. But it's been hard since the med change since I like to do it in the morning before the Nick man is awake.

sheribat said...

hi, just wanted to tell you that I am honored that you asked me if you could add me to your links. I'm so sorry, I'm new at this blogging thing. I added your link to mine, without asking. Is it protical to ask? Or are you just more thoughtful than I?

Anyway, I am new at this, and obviously, from my post, I am struggling, but I am ready to do this. I'm ready to share my story, however slowly... I think... Ok, tiny joke.

I love your blog. It is giving me great insight to other sides that I wouldn't otherwise have. Thank you for sharing your truely wonderful stories.