Friday, June 09, 2006

Graduation Speeches

So much depends,
Upon the red wheelbarrow,
Glazed with rainwater,
Beside the white chickens

William Carlos Williams

A couple of nights ago we had our Eight Grade Graduation here. There are about 30 kids in the class, and each one of them spoke; sharing a “small moment” that they remembered as significant during their time here. It was a lovely, touching ceremony. The kids had so much love and joy and excitement to share many of us joined in their tears and laughter.

One girl quoted the poem above, and told her memory of the day their sixth grade English teacher read them that poem at the start of class and asked them what they thought it meant. She says they sat in silence, perplexed. A few shouted out silly responses, but she simply stared them down. At last she told them the poem was significant simply because it was beautiful.

This young woman concluded by saying her experiences at our school over the last ten years were beyond her ability to explain, but significant because they were beautiful.

Just like those chickens.

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