Thursday, May 04, 2006

Holy Smokes Batman

Every day I find something new on the Internet that blows me away. Really. Wonders never cease. I started looking for information about an author that I was going to write about this morning, and found this.

Followed the links to this.

Spent about an hour being amazed and adding bookmarks, then went here:

And here:

And spent another hour here:

Learning about Wikis. I can’t get any work done today, and I can’t write about Lois Ehlert like I planned, there is too much to read and my head is spinning.

If any of you have a Wiki, or have something to add to this list, please speak up! The world is exploding right before our eyes.

1 comment:

Deb said...

I've been subscribing to weblogg-ed on Bloglines for about a year now. It's great!

Also--and forgive me if you already know this--but have you used del.ici.ous? It's social bookmarking--so you can bookmark your favorites on the web (not just on your own computer), and you can see what others are bookmarking too.

Oh, and Bloglines is really great too, if you're not already using it.