Friday, April 21, 2006

Kids; Reading, Writing, Using the Internet

I read a great article yesterday. It’s called “Reading adventures online: five ways to introduce the new literacies of the Internet through children’s Literature” by Jill Castek, Jessica Bevans-Mangelson, Bette Goldstone. It’s in The Reading Teacher. Vol. 59, No. 7. April, 2006. There are some very exciting things happening with kids and books and the Internet. The basic idea of the article is that you can use connections between kids, books, authors and web sites to teach kids some of the new ways they need to use reading and thinking in today’s media rich world. There are new skills involved in reading, as everyone who reads a lot off a computer screen can attest too, and kids need to broaden their reading abilities to take advantage of all that’s available. The article gives a lot of detailed information about the needed skills, and suggests five ways teachers can use the Internet to teach them.

The five suggested ways:
1. Explore stories on the Web.
2. Invite students to become authors on the Web.
3. Participate in virtual book clubs.
4. Collaborate on Internet projects.
5. Add informational websites to your study of literature.

Here are some of the best links included in the article that I enjoyed exploring and bookmarked to use later:

Published authors’ stories, read by some well known actors.

Stories and poems written by Children, published on the Web.

Electronic portfolios - people telling their stories online.

Scholastic’s Writing With Writers: publisher authors give instruction, examples and advice for children writing.

Book reviews by kids, for kids.

Student-written book reviews of well known children’s literature.

It is just so exciting to see how the Intenet opens new worlds of information and continues to allow people to build bridges of communication and collaboration. It keeps getting better and better!


Deb said...

Very cool! Great links!

Jill said...


I am so glad that you enjoyed the article and that it provided some new resources for you and other readers. Thanks so much for the encouragement you provided by posting about the piece. Glad to know there are like minded thinkers out there that see the Internet as an exciting new avenue to connect kids across contexts. I'd love to connect with teachers and librarians that are looking to make links between literature and the Internet, so if you want to share any new ideas, please email me :)

Jill Castek

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Wow Jill that is so cool that you came to my blog and commented! It makes me realize all over again how blogging is has great potential as a way of connecting authors and students... readers and writers.

We had an author come to our school to visit a week or so ago and when I went to her blog the next day there was a comment from one of our students.

Online bookclubs... I've seen those in blogs too. So much happens once we are connected!