Thursday, April 13, 2006

April Picture Books

Several new titles in the library this week, and a few old favorites for Easter. Buddy Boy is still stuck on Bernstein Bears and I am trying to break him of it, so I’m hunting around for fodder in the battle. Good stuff here. We have a long weekend at home and I am bringing home some library books!

Renchenka’s Eggs by Patricia Polacco. Polacco is a masterful writer and artist. Her illustrations glow with joy. Her stories are often autobiographical and full of genuine folk history and humor from her family’s roots in the Ukraine, Russia and Ireland. She grew up very close to her grandparents and writes most of her stories about the magical relationships between older and younger people. She didn’t start illustrating and writing children’s books until she was in her 40s, another reason I like her! This particular story is full of miracles and revolves around Easter themes. Many of her picture books are very appropriate for middle grade and older children.

The Story of Easter by Aileen Fisher, illustrated by Stepano Vitale. This is a beautiful book that simply and clearly explains the whole story of Easter. The Holy Week saga of Jesus from Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday is beautifully told and illustrated, as well as other ancient spring rituals and the reasons we use eggs and bunnies to celebrate the return of spring. I really love the illustrations in this book and I am going to bring it home to share with my boys this weekend.

Clara and Asha by Eric Rohamann. A lovely story about a very imaginative little girl who has a friend that is a big blue fish. He comes to play with her and takes her on adventures right before bedtime, but returns her to her room when mother calls. Very sweet and beautifully illustrated.

Bess and Bella by Irene Haas. Another imaginative story about a little girl looking for a friend. This time it is a bird with a magical suitcase full of treats and entertainments. They throw quite a party until mom calls Bella in for supper. My little guys are going to love this one.

April Foolishness by Teresa Bateman, illustrated by Nadine Bernard Westcott. When the grandkids come to the farm on April 1st they try to trick an old grandpa who is much to smart for them. Not too smart for grandma though!! This one will have us all in giggles. The illustrations fit perfectly with the text.

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