Friday, March 10, 2006

Oh yeah, I am always in the middle of more than one...

3/10/06 9:03 AM

I joined a discussion at We are reading The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy. I have only gotten through the first chapter so far. I love the language; it is very poetic and visual. The world is all wet and green and fluttering. The characters are confusing to my western ear, names unfamiliar and family relationships complex. There are uneasy hints of major traumas in childhood, which I am not sure I want to witness. But I think I am hooked, regardless. The conversation is just starting, so if you hop on now you can come along for the ride.

I am also reading The Big Rumpus by Ayun Halliday. “In which a three-thumbed four-year-old, a baby boy named Milo, and a thirty-something mama battle forces of evil, breastfeed indiscriminately and avoid the puddles of mystery.” It’s very funny. She lives in NYC and is a stay at home mom. I love the mommy stuff but since I am a full time working single mom I don’t get the whining about being a SAHM hanging out at the park. I dig the living in the city part, since I did that for years when my oldest was a baby and it was fun. She swears a bit too much for me, but hey.

Believe it or not I am posting from home on aol on a Mac, so it has taken hours to get this far this morning. My 3 YO is home with high fevers of unspecified origin, so I don’t have my work computer network to surf. ☹ I got the call yesterday right when I was about to eat lunch that he had a fever of 102.4 and his daycare wanted him picked up. It took until 7 pm for the Dr. to get back to me, but the good news is I didn’t need to drag him in there for an ear check. They just called the pharmacy and I was able to go to the drive through and get the drugs (I love Amoxicillian) and they got me a sub for school so I am home today. He is watching one movie after another because he is sick and rules are relaxed. The baby is at my mom’s. I only have two more sick days for the year, and three months to get through till summer. It’s a nail biter. But anyway, here I am posting. Blogspot doesn’t work with aol, BTW. I had to download FireFox, which my teenager has been telling me to get for a while, and that took forever on this dial-up…. Just to let you know how much this cost me.


petunia said...

I am jealous you can read the way you do - I'm never in one place long enough to read - but I love it! I have been listening to books on tape from the library for years and can't stop. I'm in my car so much taht i can go through a book or two a week. I read (listen to) everything from kids books, to the classics to novels. I especially like historical novels and have listened to so many I think there are no more the library has to offer.
I'll be checking in to see what your reading and what you think of them - then i'll check to see if the library has it! Keep up the journal!

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Petunia thanks for giving me a comment! I love the Internet! How great is that - We found each other and we can talk about books anytime we want!

I have thought about doing books on tape in my car, since I have a long commute everyday between two daycare drop-offs/pick-ups. But my little Civic doesn't have a CD or tape player. One of these days I will figure out how to get a great book on my iPod or I will find one on CD and start using the CD hook up that plugs into the lighter thingy. For now I like listening to NPR and music.

As for time, I admit it helps to work in a library where reading is part of the work! Also I rarely watch TV and my biggest treat is to get into my PJs right after the boys are down and crawl under my quilt with a book... Too bad I usually fall asleep soon after.

Overwhelmed! said...

Hey, I'm part of that Naptime Books group discussing "The God of Small Things" by Arundhati Roy. I loved the book. I need to go post some final comments on it.