Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Me Link You

For the past month or so I have been spending almost all my computer time reading blogs. It is just blowing my mind to think of the amazing power of connection we have with the Internet. Way back in college I was a real technophobe. We English majors used to laugh at the engineer geeks who claimed time in the computer lab. I never in my wildest ever thought I would be the one teaching keyboarding and hoarding my precious minutes on the computer. But here I am loving it! Chat rooms never did anything for me. Video games I don’t get. But when I found adoption forums and connected with other parents in the same process as me, I was totally hooked. Now I find blogs written by first mothers and adopting mothers and writing mothers and just plain mothers and Oh My Stars the earth is trembling!!

So for today’s entire computer time, while Punkin is napping and the other two are still at school, I taught myself how to put links on my blog. Yay for me! A dyslexic ADD daydreamer like me figured it out! I just had to because I am getting lost trying to keep up with all my favorite blogs every day and I can’t remember where everyone else’s links are. My bookmark folder is getting too confusing so I need to have the links right here in front of my face! LOL. If I spelled your name wrong or messed up your link I apologize. If I missed you and you are reading me, let me know and I will start reading you too! This is so powerful! Can I get an AMEN!!! SISTER!!


Lady said...

Hey, good for you figuring out how to add links. (haven't learned that yet) Your site looks great.

I'm enjoying visiting your links. There are some on there I've never come across before.

A Girl Again said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! thanks for linking Being Mama Daily.

Andromeda Jazmon said...

I love Being Mama Daily. What a fantasic idea. One of these days I will submit too, when something I write strikes me as worth sharing. I just love the photos you post. Beautiful!

Overwhelmed! said...

Good job figuring out how to add links. I had to muddle my way through it as well.

Tell you what, I'm going to add your blog to my link list because I'm already hooked on your blog. :)

If you'd like to add mine to your list, that'd be fine by me. :)