Friday, March 31, 2006

In Bloom

Here's a story of hope and encouragement. I live in a small duplex with a nice fenced backyard. The people who owned it before me put up the fence about 3 feet outside the property line. There are some huge Maple trees growing right on the line so the fence would have had to go right through the trees to be on the line. Next to one of the trees is a row of daffodils that were planted years and years ago along the property line where I think there must have been an older fence. The trees are about 30 years old I guess. The bulbs come up every year with lots of hopeful green shoots, but they have never bloomed. Every year I think I should rip them out because they are duds. But then I think if I just let them soak up the sunshine maybe they will bloom next year... until now they never have.

I put good mulch on them too, made with the old Maple leaves and coffee grounds and horse manure. There is a barn next to my school and I have gone out back of the barn and hauled garbage bags of manure home to my compost pile every year for the past 5. Just load em up into the back of my Civic hatchback and open the windows. Makes me feel like a farmer! :) I built a compost pile with chicken wire and stakes at the back of my yard, and I put the leaves and kitchen peelings and coffee grounds in there with the manure and stir it up once a week or so for a few months till it makes black gold.

I can see the yard from my kitchen window, and I always look for the first signs of spring to be poking up green through the last of the snow. The bulbs usually start rising in late February. Those green shoots are so lovely! This year I thought I saw some buds fattening up, and sure enough today there are gorgeous yellow double daffodils opening up all along the line of former duds!!! Hallelujah O Happy Day!!!

So don't give up. Just keep hauling that manure and soaking up sunshine.... The blooms will come back your way.

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Andie D. said...

Hm. Sort of a metaphore for anything you're hoping for in life, right? ;)

I love daffodils, but am not able to grow them outside here in the desert. They remind me of hope, however, and I'll enjoy them however I can get them!