Friday, April 29, 2011

Haibun week

This is the week when the Maple trees open new leaves. It's the birthday of the leaves I will rake and compost in the fall. The beginning of shade. The opening of the roof over my hammock. The first day of green gold ceilings. The baby ripples of wind's laughter. The return of living emeralds.


wind chimes
thrilling in the key of verte;
today's leaves

It terrifies me that the next wind storm might bring this twisty old Maple (housing a colony of carpenter ants) right into my room; but I can't help wiling away the random minutes gazing out at the rippling green. I am enchanted by those little hands waving me away from the worries of the day. The oil of their birthing still fresh, the nibbled edges yet undone, each minute shrinks as they tenderly stretch and the glow fades.

new maple leaves

how they shine
the newest tender leaves;
oil of gladness

We had the poet & author George Ella Lyon at our school for a visit this week. She was telling the kids about how the trees breathe the world's breath and we are breathing with them. Carbon dioxide in, oxygen out, and back and forth. Yes, I thought, that is it. The little rustling, the tossing, the dance. Breath of the world.

new oak leaves

newest tossing leaves
fresh from the bud, already
breathing the world back

And there is this; the porch wisteria. I had tried to rip it out before I knew what it was. It is trained on a trellis now and each April brings more of these delicate trails of frothy blooming fountains. Only for a week or so are they purple. I spend the rest of summer hunting down the fingers of runners seeking footholds on my house siding. They sneak under porch and hide in the ivy. Like Pinky and the Brain they wake every morning anew to take over the world. I battle it only for the reward of this week.

porch wisteria

along the iron porch rail;
best loved enemy

-Andromeda Jazmon

I lost track of my daily haibun posts this week. Life interrupts once again. It has been a lovely month  though, hasn't it? Have you enjoyed the National Poetry Month posts? It's not too late to go back and browse what you may have missed. (Here are all of my haibun for the month.) And of course every Friday there is a  Poetry round up - today it is at Tabatha's. Enjoy your weekend!!


tanita✿davis said...

Hahaha! Our Bougainvillea was definitely Pinky/Brain material. Your maple is utterly lovely, I do love the hands. Not so much the carpenter ants...

Mary Lee said...

Everything about this post is GLORIOUS! The photos, the poems, the commentary...this post has been good for my heart today. Thank you.

Brimful Curiosities said...

I never realized that the wisteria is a pesky plant. Seems like a lot of work for such a short bloom period! Our trees have budded out but the leaves have not appeared yet. Spring growth is slow this year.

Thanks for your kind comments. I'm so glad your students enjoyed their poetry projects this month. I don't think my daughter's school did anything special for poetry month.

bercton said...

I am passionate about nature..really love your nature photos, they are beautiful!