Saturday, April 09, 2011

haibun #9

She came over to help with the housework, and brought flowers. Those joyful yellow blooms crowded onto the table in the midst of a tumble of children and cleaning clutter. Hearing her tell stories of all the office gossip and laughing over the confusing bits... What I had puzzled over myself now started to make sense. At clean up she smiled at me with a smudge of dust across one cheek. We rounded up the kids and went to dinner exhausted and satisfied.

daffodil vase

held together
stems crowded in a green vase;
on each stalk a bloom

-Andromeda Jazmon


Mardel said...


wish someone would come over and help clean my house with a smile and flowers.... lol

tanita davis said...

Those are some large-headed daffs! So pretty.

Tabatha said...

I went through and read your haibun for the past week -- wonderful, Andi! You will have an amazing collection at the end of the month!

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Mardel, I usually don't have such great company! LOL This was a particularly wonderful day.

Thanks for the encouragement Tanita & Tabatha!