Friday, April 08, 2011

Haibun #8

Driving to work damp and chilled in early April.  Bare branch tips promise swelling buds. Occasional burst of gold in the scrubby woods. Wild hedges of forsythia have escaped into the brush. Arms flung skyward or trailing on the ground; each year more territory taken. On the subject of forsythia my dad said, "Just don't let the branches touch the ground, whatever you do. There is no going back."

tall forcythia

early light;
wanton forsythia spreads
gold along the road

-Andromeda Jazmon


tanita✿davis said...

Heh. Wanton. That well describes mint, forsythia, Scotch broom, and that scourge of the South, kudzu.

At least most of them are wanton with the beauty as well.

Heidi Mordhorst said...

Oooh, nice! it's funny, though--forsythia doesn't look gold to me, which in my eye and mind is a fall color. I see a fresh, early yellow that means spring! Still, "spreads/ gold along the road" needed to be written.

I'm looking forward to following your haibun, and hoping to get it on the tutorial project too!

Still job-searching?

Anonymous said...

Our forsythia is right on the cusp of color. Birds seek refuge in its branches in the cold weather, and I think they've been encouraging its opening with all their activity. We're all waiting, actually, cuz that spread of gold is like the flag going up -- spring is officially here!

Madigan Mirza said...

Their folk name is "Golden Bells" - lovely photo!