Saturday, April 16, 2011

Haibun #16

I found myself staring out the kitchen window several times today, pausing from the housework to watch the rain on the backyard grass. It's a brilliant green now and ready for the first cutting of the year as soon as we get a clear day and time to get out there. Amazing how grass endures the drab, miserable, freezing months to bounce back to verdant, vibrant growth after only a couple warm days and a good soaking.

June 5 006

grass heads bend
under the weight of raindrops;
then spring forward

-Andromeda Jazmon


tanita✿davis said...

That really is true; I'm always astounded in California, where the color of the grass is usually a burnt golden-yellow, that it takes so very little for the hills to be green again.

laurasalas said...

I love the springing--you really captured the moment in motion!

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Yeah, grass is pretty amazing. Thanks for these comments!