Monday, September 29, 2008

Yet another blog


I've started a new blog at: to discuss copyright and blogging. I'm in grad school for my library science degree and this is one of our assignments. I've chosen to focus on copyright and writing online, specifically on blogging and posting poetry written by other writers. Since I've long enjoyed Friday Poetry posts I want to explore the best practices in the blogging community for posting poetry. Please feel welcome to visit my new blog and and your comments about blogging and copyright. What do you think about posting the full text of poems written by others, published elsewhere or not? What would you do if you discovered someone reposted your work without your knowledge or permission?


a Tonggu Momma said...

For me, I would probably just roll my eyes if someone plagiarized me. Then again, I'm not a writer like you... more of a pointless rambler. If someone took my words, I'd more than likely feel sorry for them - hence the eye roll and little else.

Karen said...

I love sharing our favorite finds but feel it's stealing to show a whole work. I like sharing excerpts to give a little taste and hopefully entice others to go out and borrow or purchase books for themselves.

I used to work full time in marketing, I like to think I'm helping with the promotion of great books. :)