Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rose of Sharon

July 19 017

The Rose of Sharon bushes along my fence are in full bloom this week. Hibiscus syriacus is not really a rose at all. It grows about 8 - 10 feet tall and can be pruned into hedges or tree shapes. It's native to Asian and is the national flower of Korea. I found them growing on my eastern fence when we first moved in here and I transplanted some of the volunteer shoots along the western fence.

July 9 015

They are growing into a nice privacy screen. They scatter seeds everywhere and now they are one of my most prolific weeds. I am constantly pulling out new shoots from every soil-filled crack and crevice. I keep moving them to the fence. Someday I'll have a thick hedge there.

July 9 014

The flowers on all my plants are shades of pink and mauve, but you can get them in pink, white, lavender and blue. Some plants are doubled-bloomed as well. You can buy them in a nursery but if you know anyone with a plant you can get shoots for free I bet.

July 9 006

They bloom late in the season, compared to other shrubs, so right now they are quite lovely. Yesterday while photographing my bushes I found this poisonous vine called Bittersweet Nightshade. The berries are highly toxic and have caused death in children. I always rip it out because I've found they are particularly attractive to kids and I'm always afraid my berry-picking children will sample them. I can never get completely rid of it, however.

July 19 016

I think this branch is shriveled because I tried to rip it out the day before. Here's some haiku about it I posted last year, along with a photo of the flowers.

What's growing in your garden? Leave a comment so we can come read.

Tuesday round up:

I have to link to Cuileann's Friday Poetry post, since she gave us a lovely poem about waiting to see the hibiscus bloom. Perfectly fitting I'd say!

Lisa's asking advice about how to build a new garden across the lawn in front of her house. She has some unique problems to overcome. Gardeners? Speak up!

Charlotte is wondering about zucchinis at the library... (what do you do with zucchinis?)


Cuileann said...

How stunning! In the first photo it actually looks like someone's reached into the flower to paint the inside with a little glitter.

Lone Star Ma said...

We had a beautiful Rose of Sharon tree growing along the side of our house when we moved in years ago and my husband cut it down without asking me one day to get to something more easily. Strife.ouzpyh

Lone Star Ma said...

ouzpyh was the word verification - sorry(:

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful flowers! I was enjoying the outdoors so much yesterday that I didn't get my garden tour post done until this morning. I need advice this week!


Charlotte said...

I've posted some pictures from my garden...

It looks cloudy, but that is just haze. It isn't rain clouds. That would be silly. It never rains at our house.

My mother unconciously brought me up to dislike Rose of Sharon, because her neighbors when she was a little girl had lots of it, and she hated them, and everything about them. I have some, and I try to like them, because really they are very nice, but still there is a faint feeling of unease.

Charlotte said...

Me again: here's the link to my specific garden post:

Charlotte said...

It rained! I just had to share it.

I checked my Roses of Sharon, and they are still tightly budded....

Don Tate II said...

Oh, and that reminds me, I never did participate in the tag.

Jules at 7-Imp said...

Such beautiful flowers. And I remember reading The Grapes of Wrath for the first time and finally figuring out where the name "Rosasharn" came from.