Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Library Cards

badminton rackets in the rain

We discovered our old badminton set in the attic last week and have been playing in the backyard every day. My six year old is getting pretty good at hitting the birdie without knocking it into the neighbor's yard. My three year old loves to hit anything or play guitar with the racket. They left them out in the rain the other night.

Yesterday we walked to the library for the first time with no stroller. Yeah! Actually, we dropped the car off at the garage around the corner and walked to the fabulous grocery store down the street to order Buddy's birthday cake. He is turning six! Then we walked to the party store to buy the favors for the roller skating party this Saturday. Excitement all around. Then we walked to the library.

I didn't know if Punkin, my three year old, could walk that far but he did fabulously. One little tantrum over buying bubble gum that didn't look the way he expected it to look coming out of the package, and an argument over the trains in the children's room at the library, but otherwise fabulous.

We signed them both up for library cards. You might wonder why they didn't have cards yet, but that would be because mom can't keep track of that many library books. Now they each can check out 15 books at a time. Put that on top of my books and my head is spinning.

The librarian who gave them their cards was quite charming. She was delighted over everything they had to say, even though they were both chewing huge wads of bubble gum. Buddy wrote his full name proudly on the card and Punkin told her all about his love of trains. The children's room has a wooden train set and you can borrow a bag of trains if you leave your card at the desk.

I clearly remember when I got my first library card at age five. There was a rule then that you couldn't get a card until you could sign your first and last name. I practiced for a long time and when I finally could do it and they trip to the library was planned I came down with the measles. I remember laying on the couch sick as a dog and looking up at the fireplace mantle where my card was propped, signed and waiting to go get some books. I had to stay home and let everyone go without me. My mom brought me home my first books signed out on my own card. I was amazed at how great she was at picking books. All through my childhood and even teen years she continued to pick out the most amazing books. I thought she had a magic touch and was always delighted with how well she knew what I would love.

The thing with my boys is, they go to the library to play with the train set, the computers and check out movies. They don't have a second glance at the books. Maybe that's because our house is so full of books. They are like, "Books? Got that. Where's the tech toys?" Ha.


Gawdess said...

great images!
both in the picture and in your words!

Lone Star Ma said...

I also have fond memories of the books my mom used to bring home to me. She found some treasures I would never have known about - she's the best.

My little one also makes a beeline for the movies at the library. drives me insane, no matter how much I share her enjoyment of the Magic Schoolbus.

Anonymous said...

Now they need special library backpacks! I keep all my library books in a special bag when they are not being read. That way I don't mix them in with my other books.

I was a nanny for a long time and the family whose children I took care of moved from that town, then moved back. Will was 6 when we got his first card and at age 19 he went back to that library and they still had a copy of his original card application on file. He got a real laugh out of seeing his 6 year old signature and e-mailed me right away to share the moment.

Annie said...

Thanks for stirring wonderful memories of my boys getting their first library cards - now more than 20 years ago. They were always so proud of choosing their own books and checking them out "all by themselves".

It's a rite of passage enjoyed by many but not all children.

Becky said...

I consider library cards as big a milestone as birthdays! Congratulations to everyone!

By the way, if you don't already know about, I highly recommend it. It's the only thing that keeps me sane, looking after the books that our family of five borrows...

Cloudscome said...

Becky thank you for that link to libraryelf! I hadn't used it before and it is great.