Sunday, July 27, 2008

Garden Tour: Cat Nip

I've got a nice spot of catnip in my garden this year. It is supposed to be easy to grow but I have found it difficult to get established. Neighborhood cats tend to destroy it but none have found this patch yet.

July 26 016

It's in the mint family and sends up spikes of white flowers flecked with red. You can make a calming tea from it and there have been other medicinal uses going back thousands of years. I give it to the cat when we have to take her to the vet because it has a mellowing effect on her after she is finished her initial crazy rolling around chewing on it. The vet was surprised to see a sprig of catnip in her carrying case. She had never heard of the mellowing effects. I guess different cats react differently to it, some not caring for it at all. I think it helps her relax a bit and since she hates going to the vet it a small consolation. Sometimes I bring a branch in from the garden just for fun.

I couldn't get a photo of her this morning because she didn't feel like posing. Maybe I can come back later and add one.

What's in your garden this week? Leave us a link to your post and we'll come visit.


writer2b said...

I've never heard of catnip as a mellowing influence either! I love the close-up... and I'll check back later to see if she ever submitted to being photographed!

My garden post is here:

I also nominated you for an award here, if you feel like participating:

Julie said...


Jules at 7-Imp said...

how are you managing to keep the cats from this patch?

tea from it? who knew!

Michelle said...

One of my cats was a mean drunk. She would get wild and bitey after lying in the cat-shaped dent in the catnip patch.

But the other cat mostly just drooled.