Monday, October 15, 2007

Pay It Forward: Sugar Cage Winner

I had such a busy weekend I never got around to posting the winner to my October Pay It Forward winner. I featured the book Sugar Cage by Connie May Fowler. This morning I cleaned out my coffee cup after the second cup and put in the names of all the Sugar Cage post commenters (not myself of course). Guess who's name I pulled out?

(Drum Roll...)

Briggie from Jehovah Roi, come on down!! You are my winner!!

Just send me your snail mail and I will pop this fascinating novel in the mail to you.

Everyone - Come back next month for another book give away, and don't forget to check out Overwhelmed! for more Pay It Forward book giveaways.


LiteracyTeacher said...

Pay It Forward Book Giveaways. I like the idea. Do you have an RSS Feed so I can stay on top of these when you do them electronically?

Overwhelmed! said...

Congrats to Briggie on her win! :)

Cloudscome said...

literacyteacher, yes, I do have a feed. At least I think I do - I use Bloglines to read most of my favorite blogs, and I have a button in my browser toolbar that lets me grab the feeds easily. How do you do it? Do you need me to post a particular feed in order for you to grab it? I think I am a bit too ignorant in all this. I just rely on Bloglines to do the work for me. How does everyone else do it?

BTW, you can just keep watching Overwhelmed! because she always has a list of all the PIF book give aways. A lot of blogs do it every month like I do. I am planning to give away a book in the first week of every month until I run out. Could be a long time....

Briggie said...

I am so excited, I got the book today and can't wait to start reading it! Make sure you check out my monthly PIF. Thanks again and God Bless you!