Saturday, January 13, 2007

Project 365


I learned from Geeky Mom that there is something called Project 365, where people take at least one photo a day for a whole year and post it. She started a new blog to post her (fantastic) photos. I don't think I can keep up with two blogs. This one sucks enough time as it is! I love the idea of disciplined photography though. I think I can get used to taking my camera everywhere and taking a few photos every day, posting the best one. I am going to tag them "365" and keep them in a set called "365 2007" on Flickr. I put a badge to that set in my sidebar which you will see if you scroll down. I just started yesterday so I don't have a photo for everyday in January, but hey. Maybe I'll catch up. Apparently a lot of other folks do this too so it should be fun looking for new photos every day. I added a photo section to my bloglines links on the sidebar too. If you'd like some eye candy on your coffee break, take a looksee.


Remiman said...

wrung sponge,
Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
I don't have a flickr account, but I try to post a new photo everyday.
I'm beginning to think in haiku also ;-)

Laurie said...

nice photo. I like how the orange looks like it is hatching.

Maggie said...

Thanks for delurking on my blog. I eat alternative pizza, too. I can't eat tomato sauce, as it is a migraine trigger. Only white pizza for me, with lots of garlic, thank you very much!

Third Mom said...

I love your photography, so of course I'd vote for the photo blog. But boy do I hear you about keeping up! Even if you don't start a separate blog, just posting your photos here every so often is good eye candy, too!

Lilian said...

I thought about doing it too... but if I committed to it then I would spend even more time blogging, so I decided against it. I already take photos very often, if not every day... it's an awesome idea, though.