Monday, January 22, 2007

Link Love Monday

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Punkin had a fever of 102 this morning so I am home with him. I took Buddy Boy to daycare because it was cold all weekend and we were mostly stuck in the house. I think he needed to run around with his friends for a while. I am planning to rock the baby, run the vaporizer, read, knit and not do much else today.

Dawn reminded me that I love to read all the entries in Literary Mama. I was browsing there this morning and found an essay by Jocelyn Johnson, who writes a (new to me) blog called "JOCELYN'S STORIES: fiction and prose about motherhood and more". She has absolutely gorgeous pictures of her family and her writing is really beautiful.

Another blog I have been enjoying recently is Mrs. J's Our Kind of Parenting. She describes her blog like this: "Magazine maven turned mommy who's lived, worked and played in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Brooklyn, Harlem and LA. Currently resides north of NYC with her husband, five year old daughter and fraternal toddler twins." I think I first saw her commenting at Anti-Racist Parent. She always has something interesting to say.

One more blog to link: I am so happy Being Mama Daily is back to posting again. Jasai finds the most interesting stories to post from mamas raising black children all over the world.

What are your new favorite blogs to read? Send me some links!


Shelley said...

How about some from my sidebar? Sassafras Mama, Genrecookshop, and Beyond the Fields We Know are pretty much daily stops for me.

As you have become!

Overwhelmed! said...

Check this new blogger out, Ward and June.

Overwhelmed! said...

By the way, is Punkin feeling better today?

cloudscome said...

I am having so much trouble with blogger these days I can hardly get on. GRrrrr I am so frustrated! I will check out those links as soon as I get a chance. Thanks for telling me!

And yes, he is doing much better today and back at day care. Thanks for asking!