Friday, January 05, 2007

January 5 Haiku

Jan. cherry blossoms

January thaw
cherry blossoms are popping -
did I miss something?

This is the view from my library window. I live in place that should be frozen, with ice and snow in the forcast. Today we have a warm, gentle rain. It is freaking me out! We have the windows open. We have some kind of leaf bug in the library and they were spraying insecticide all around and it stinks. Yesterday I saw a cloud of midges or no-see-ums flying around above the creek. What odd weather are you having in your neck of the woods?


Elaine Magliaro said...

I love the photographs and haiku poems you post on your blog. I hope you are compiling them in some type of book/scrapbook.

Lilian said...

Beautiful photo and haiku -- but, I'm ALARMED At the weather and I just posted about it. I added a link to your post as well.

Nancy said...

No blossoms where I am in New Jersey, but it's so damp and kind of musty, so that's not great.

I remember in January or February of 1991 it was very warm like this. Somehow since then, I don't get too alarmed when we have freakish weather.

mia said...

Cloudscome the weather is freaking me out. It's frightening, truly. I was born and raised in Colorado. The last three years we lived there our home was threatened with forest fires more times than I care to count due to dry conditions. Now, we live on the east coast, CO is getting slammed with snow and we.....well, we are going to go on a picnic Sunday if that tells you anything.
My children got snowboards and sleds for Christmas. I don't know what we were thinking there.

MotherReader said...

It's 72 degrees in the DC area and I'm at work. I am pretty ticked off to be trapped inside on such a beautiful day.