Saturday, November 25, 2006

November 25 Haiku

evening stars twinkle,
sink full of dirty dishes;
"sit down, have some pie"

Here is the Gluten Free cherry pie my brother brought to Thanksgiving dinner. I made one too but his looks much better! We had to learn to make pie crust with rice flour, which is grainy and doesn't stick together the way wheat flour does. It is very hard to get the pastry in the pan and he did such a lovely job! My mom taught us how to make wheat flour pie crust when we were kids and it is one of my favorite memories of childhood in her kitchen. We always got the scraps of left over dough and made our own little tiny pies. This is the first pie I have had in three years. Pie is my favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal. I was in heaven eating this one! After we cleared the main course and made coffee, my mom came in the kitchen and saw me trying to clean up the pots and pans and put away the leftovers. She said "leave that and come in here and sit down and have some pie." It brings tears to my eyes, thinking of that. Silly, no?



Anonymous said...

No, sweet. How lovely. :)

Anonymous said...
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MaeDay said...

Hey, how sweet it is to have a piece of pie and comfort.

Anonymous said...

The pie looks delicious! Hope your holiday was delicious, too!