Wednesday, November 01, 2006

November 1 Haiku


Hold me in the light;
brilliance fire my true colors.
Tickle me with the breeze.

Andromeda Jazmon, 2006

This is my prayer for today, the first of November. Both my boys are sick, I am home from school with them. No one slept last night. The sun is out, it's warm, there is a nice breeze. I want to be a lizard on a rock.



Lilian said...

I hope you are feeling better at the end of this day. We had a good day even though Linton is still not eating much (I'm so glad I can still breastfeed him). We enjoyed the warm weather and stayed outdoors as much as possible.

MaeDay said...

Sorry the wee ones are sick. Hope you got to sit outside a bit.