Monday, October 09, 2006

Reading Further

I seems I have a new study topic to pursue. The more I think about it, the more I realize I need to be more informed and educated about Cuba and what it might mean for Buddy Boy to be Hispanic/Latino. Turns out it's Hispanic Heritage Month - great timing. This morning I went to and started reading. I usually use Google but I wanted to search by question and I like how gives you a list of other people's search questions down the right side of the page. Good browsing if you are not sure what your question is or what you are looking for!

Race data in 2000 census

Race and ethnicity explained

2000 census site

Hispanic heritage month


Preference for racial terms survey

2010 Latino race census question

I would love to hear what others have read about race and ethnicity and what questions you have. How do you define your own race? How do others perceive your race and ethnicity? I come from Irish/German/English stock. Every St. Patricks day I wonder about what makes one Irish and what a meaningful celebration for me would be. I am about 1/8 Northern Protestant Irish, so it seems silly for me to wear green or to wear orange. Both? Neither? Ignore the whole thing? Think about it once a year? I can spend a lot of time pondering these things... how about you?

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