Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Library Thing

This morning it occured to me that I could keep my list of African American books in Library Thing and put my tag cloud in the side bar here on my blog. That way you can always check what I have in my growing personal library (assuming I keep it up, of course!) So I just spent and hour updating my catalog and putting in tags. It is so much easier than me looking up every book and making links. If you just remember the author or part of the title you can search for it and all the information pops right up in your catalog.

This site is really a wonderful tool for sharing information about books. You can rate them, trade them, recommend them and chat about them in the forums. If you don't use Library Thing yet, I strongly suggest you go over there and check it out. The more people that use it, the better the conversations there! I have only put in the books I have that I want to discuss with others, so don't worry that you have too many books and you will never put them all in... it's not necessary. Just put in the ones you would like to chat about and see who else has the same ones.

Have I given you enough links yet?

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Anonymous said...

I've been posting to LT for almost a year now. Great site. It's home grown and the creator is very serious and dedicated to making a great library site. Plus, you just can't beat the $25 lifetime membership.

Here's my African/Black literature page: