Sunday, October 29, 2006


If you read a lot of other librarians or children's book blogs you probably already heard about the Cybils. "The 2006 Children's and Young Adult Bloggers Literary Awards". Several of the big book bloggers got together and decided we need a blogger's book award; sort of like the Caldecott and Newbery awards. Those are given out by librarians, highlighting the best new books each year. Since blogging about books has taken off and is so exciting these days, an award celebrating our best book pics is entirely appropriate! Now is your opportunity to take part in the action. Anyone can nominate their favorite books for 2006. You don't even have to be a blogger or have read a lot of them - it's entirely open to anyone voicing their kid's book opinion. The categories are Fantasy and Science Fiction, Graphic Novels, Middle Grade Fiction, Non-fiction (Middle Grade and YA) Non-fiction (Picture Books), Picture Books, Poetry and Young Adult Fiction. If you are not sure what all those terms mean, there is an explanation at the site. If you have even one favorite kid's book this year, get over there and nominate it! I am going to be on one of the committees and I am just thrilled to be part of it. We are giving out medals!!

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