Saturday, October 28, 2006


By Donald Crews. This picture book is autobiographical, telling about the summer trips down to Crew’s grandmother’s rural home. It starts with a train ride, which automatically hooks Buddy Boy into the story. The illustrations are bold and warm. The busyness, noise and excitement of the family reunion jump out of the pages. The children rush around happily revisiting all the favorite rooms in the house and places on the farm. The full, large family gathers around the dinner table talking about what they did last year and what they plan to do this summer. Everyone outside looking up at the stars brings a conclusion to the day. Buddy likes to go back and forth between the picture where the boy Donald is catching a fish and the last page, where the adult Donald is in his city apartment, waking up thinking about being “at Bigmama’s with the whole summer ahead of me”. He is not quite sure they are the same person I think. The theme of time passing and the continuity of family connection engages him, as well as the portrayal of all the fun the children have on their grandparent’s farm. We are both enjoying this one immensely.

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