Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday Garden Tour

How about we start a Thursday Garden Tour post tradition? I am enjoying taking flower pictures so much this summer, and I love to share them. I also look forward to seeing other people's flower shots on their blogs. If you have garden shots to share, give me a link and post them on Thursdays!

Common Thyme. I used to have alot of this, but I am afraid the vinca has over-run it.

Anyone know what this flower is? I can't remember what it's called, but it's lovely. Grows from a bulb, and puts up a tall spike of these little flowers in late June. This one is just about past, and we are looking straight down at it.

Here's Buddy Boy doing what he loves most... moving fast.

My fig tree after the rain. Given to me by a friend, but I have yet to learn what to do with the figs that is tasty. Any suggestions?

Purple cone flower (Echinacea), often visited by bees.

What's growing in your garden?


Mia said...

Well I love the flip-flops! I still sometimes call them thongs which is what we called them when I was growing up. My kids look mortified and say "MOM, they are FLIP FLOPS NOT UNDERWEAR!". Whatever.

Count me in for Thursday Garden Tour! Today though I will just send the link to this post because it has some pictures of my garden;

Thyme is divine. I use my dried Eccinasia in tea all winter long for immune boosting.

My garden is being eaten by Japanese Beatles. Does ANYONE know how to get rid of these little demons of the garden?!?

Good idea the Garden Tour!!!

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Weeds! That's what's growing in my garden!

In addition: several different kinds of lavender; bee balm; sage; a huge bush that takes over the garden but has lovely blue flowers...

cloudscome said...

Mia - We always called them thongs too, but flip flops is more fun to say. Unless you want to talk about underwear *wink*.

And I love that post of yours. Wendell Berry is one of my favorite poets!

I would love to hear how you dry Echinacea for tea. The roots? Flowers? Leaves? I usually buy the tea to drink when I feel a cold coming on.

Alkelda, have you posted pictures of your garden? I'd love to see them.