Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tags and ZoomCloud as Index

I like to use technorati tags to mark all my Friday Poetry Blogging. That way if you click the link you can see a list of all the poetry I have posted as well as what anyone else is posting with that tag. I have decided to use the garden tag on Thursdays, for my Garden Tour posts. I went back and added it to all the June and July garden posts so if you click the link you will see what all everyone has tagged garden. It may be too general a catagory, I am not sure. But for now it will tag mine at least, so if you missed some you can go back and see the other photos. If you use the technorati search box in the left column under the Flickr badge it will search my blog or all blogs. The ZoomCloud is also clickable, BTW, so anything you see there will bring up a list of posts where a term is mentioned. Two ways to index my blog even though blogger doesn't give us tags. If you are posting garden pictures or poetry, I invite you to also use the tags so we can easily keep up with each other.

1 comment:

Marie said...

LOVE your garden photos! I'd post some of my own, but right now around here gardens are dry and scraggly. After rains come, I go crazy taking shots of every detail of green and lushy things.