Thursday, June 29, 2006


My brother gave me this Jasmine plant a few years ago. It grows in a big pot that I keep by the kitchen door, and bring inside in the winter. The white flowers have the loveliest sweet scent. It reminds me of the tea we always drank in China. If I close my eyes and bend down to take in a delicious deep breath I can feel the swaying and hear the clickety clack of the train traveling from Beijing to Tianjin or the gentle clink of the tea cup lids during foreign affairs welcome meetings. I buy this kind of tea now in Asian stores. It comes in a yellow square tin.

Honeysuckle grows along the fence in our backyard. I planted it there a couple of years ago, to cut off the view of the neighboring apartment house parking lot. It is the smell of summers at the Jersey shore to me, where I lived in a communal house and worked on the boardwalk doing beach evangelism when I was in college. It’s also the smell of the city neighborhood I lived in when I came back from China. It grows like a weed every where that no one is paying attention. It is the sweetest weed I know.

This lavender grows on my front hill garden. My mom gave me the plant the first year we moved in here. I try to remember to harvest the flowers before they pass their peak so I can make sachets for my drawers, dried flower mixes with rose petals, lavender wands and pillows, and anything else I can think of. It’s kind of an old fashioned scent, but I love it.

More summertime sweetness....

Sun tea. Peaches. Watermellon. Popsicles. Swings. Sprinklers and wading pools. Long evenings with a breath of cool air.

What is your sweetness?


Overwhelmed! said...

Ah, jasmine and lavender...two of my plants! Great pictures!

susan said...

lavender plants, which remind me of vacations in English gardens. Warm summer breezes. The sound of the ocean (which I can't hear where I live, alas). The birds in the yard, esp the woodpeckers. And wind chimes.

Overwhelmed! said...

So this was your 100th post. Sweet indeed!

Thanks for participating in the "Hooray for 100" exchange! :)