Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Learning to Hear with the Heart week 2

Hearing the Heart’s Desire: "It’s so easy to tell others to go after their dreams, something you know God calls them to be or do. Seeing someone else’s deepest desire is often easier than seeing – and acting on – our own. Somehow our heart closes down when we desire something that seems fanciful, impractical, or unobtainable. The voice of reason takes over and closes down our discerning heart. What dreams do you have that seem impractical, improbable, or unreasonable? What prevents you from pursuing your heart’s desire?"

Name Your Gifts: "Discounting your gifts is much easier and safer than finding the courage to name them, claim them, and grow into them. We have this idea that if we’re even remotely aware of our gifts we’re conceited or arrogant. But trying to discern what God call you to do or be without looking at and naming your gifts is like trying to solve a mystery without clues. What are at least three of the gifts God gave you?"

Listen to Your Body – "Therefore my heart is glad, and my soul rejoices; my body also rests secure. – Psalms 16:9 “God wants us to have joy in our should and health in our bodies,” Hildegard of Bingen once told a novice who was being too harsh on herself and others. How does your body communicate with you, both when it is at peace and when it is not?"

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