Friday, June 30, 2006

Here's an idea!

The Totally Self-Absorbed Meme

This is a fun game, first seen on Professorial Confessions and then on Polyopia. I saw it first on Repressed Librarian.

This is how it goes: In the comments on this post, you post a request for a photo of something from my life. I get to use my discretion as to whether or not I fulfill that request, and will of course reject anything that threatens my anonymity or that is not totally G-rated. So, what do you want to see? De-Lurk yourself for this one please!


susan said...

Not too creative, but how about a shot of some of your favorite children's books?

sheri said...

Ok, the "I love to look at other people's artistic creations" side of me has to ask for pictures of things you have made. :)

Carolie said...

Please, may I see:

A photo composed of your favorite cooking utensil (tongs, knife, etc.), your favorite cooking vessel (pot, pan, etc.), your favorite dish or bowl, and (if possible!) a single piece or unit or whatever of your favorite ingredient or item to cook or consume (a tomato, a head of garlic, a fillet of salmon, a bay leaf, a bunch of grapes...)! I'll reciprocate!

Kohana said...

I'd like to see a picture of your favorite tree in your yard or near your house. I spend endless dreamy moments looking from my couch out the window at one particular tree and I wonder if anyone else has a similar fascination?

Sandy said...

How about a picture of something that refreshes you throughout the day.

Or before and after pictures!