Friday, June 09, 2006

Gettin' RSS Wi'cha

The May issue of Book Links, the American Library Association’s magazine for teachers and librarians has been sitting on my desk for weeks, waiting for me to find time to read it. Now that classes are over for the summer I am cleaning my desk off, and I found it and took it home last night. I read an interesting article about teachers blogging with their students. There are so many possibilities here!

The key idea I am going to take further for myself is to work on developing an RSS feed list for all my favorite blogs. I wanted to use Yahoo, so that I could check my email, see my comments and read the daily new posts from my list all at the same time. I hate having to sign in to so many different accounts just to check all the messages. But it turns out a lot of you don’t have the RSS feed available in a way that Yahoo can use, so I had to sign up with Bloglines and put in all the blogs I want to subscribe to. Those of you with blogs, how do you do this? Do you use Bloglines, Yahoo, or something else? Do you have a button on your page that makes it easy for others? Should I?

I have spent the past few months putting links on my blog and going down the list every day to read everyone’s posts, and then following links in the comment sections to find new blogs. What do the rest of you do? I am ready to take the next step I think. Any tips?

I also signed up with and tried to gather all the links in the history folder from all the various computers around the media center that I use to surf. There are about four work stations that I regularly use, and I have been lazy about relying on the History folder to go back to the good sites I discovered on previous days. But now that I am on summer break I will be surfing from home, and that favorites folder is completely different. And between Firefox and AOL on my home computer I get really mixed up… So glad someone came up with an online favorites folder I can check from anywhere! What else do you do in cyberspace that is new and exciting?


Kohana said...

I also need to find a way to keep up with all the blogs I read. The Captain uses an RSS filter for all of his but I don't like how they look so sterile. I like to actually see someone's blog in its entirety, not just the text. Let me know what you decide. :)

cloudscome said...

So far bloglines is working out OK. (It's only been a few days, OK but anyway...) I had forgotten where I found your best girl's blog from China, so thanks for your comment that lead me back to you and your mention of her and your backpacking trip! See what I mean, I need a central list of where I have been.... RSS must be the way to do it.

At least if it tells me quickly who has posted, I can click the links to their blog and see their page, etc. Itis nice to see at a glance who has updated. It's so disapointing to click around and see the things I already read... especially if I am at home on a cranky dialup and the kids are about to wake up... KWIM?

Repressed Librarian said...

I prefer to just click through my blogroll in the sidebar of my blog (set up through Blogrolling so that it indicates when there is a new post--I use an asterisk, but you can append or prepend whatever characters or words you want).

But I use Bloglines when I'm at work, where I don't want anyone to know about my blog. I, too, dislike the sterile look of RSS feeds and always click through Bloglines to see the real blog pages complete with their formatting and comments.