Friday, June 09, 2006

A cat's life

Now that I am on summer break, I am planning to be right here during naptime, reading and snoozing...

I checked out 35 books from our library and I am going to be making my way through them, and blogging them for you. Mostly Young Adult and Middle Grade Fiction.

It's going to be a great summer!


Jenna said...

What a lovely room. And cat! Love it.

Summer break. I should have been a teacher... sad.

But, of course, I'm still reading. Always.

sheribat said...

I agree with Jenna, the room is so lovely.

In fact, I wanted to ask: Did you make the quilt and pillows? So pretty! I'd like to learn to quilt, but I don't own a sewing machine. LOL

cloudscome said...

Thanks! When I bought this house (my first) and painted all the walls (another first for me) I painted my room lilac because that's what I had always wanted. I made the quilt a few years ago, and the pillows were one of my first project when I was learning how to quilt. I don't really have a sewing machine either, I borrow my mom's. I do all the quilting by hand because it's not a very good machine and I like handquilting anyway. It's easy and fun ,,, and meditative like crochet.

Being on a teacher's schedult is the BEST!!!

Third Mom said...

Lovely room and cute kitty! (I love cats, too.)

And a summer to read, awesome. Have you ever read any of Marie G. Lee's books for young adults? "Finding My Voice" was the first, and there are many more. My children enjoyed than, and so did I.

Have fun!


marlene said...

I love that quilt!

marlene said...

Wow, I just went back and read the comments - you MADE it?!