Thursday, March 23, 2006

Reading the Paper

I subscribe to my local paper, and I love reading it every day. It hits the porch at about 6:30 every morning, right about when I am scrambling to get everyone into their shoes and out the door. I don't get to read it till after the little boys are in bed at night, but I look forward to it! By then I have heard all the big news of the day on NPR and word of mouth of course. But it is still great to sit back and relax and read the whole story with time to think about it and compare this version with what was on TV or the radio or what my friends said...

Also, it is the local paper. There are stories here that I don't hear anywhere else. What the school board is up to, how high my local taxes are being raised, drunk driving and crime reports for my neighborhood... you get the picture. I read it all except the sports section, the comics and the classifieds. But my favorite section is the Mary Hunt column. I love that woman! She is a genius! She has changed my life and taught me how to live simply with grace.

I also read the papers online, of course. I read a great editorial in my local paper and wanted to share it with friends online so I searched and found it at the Washington Post. How cool is that? I haven't ever seen the TV show mentioned (Black.White) but I enjoyed the editorial.

Another online friend read this story in the New York Times about the Plight of Black Men and posted a link. Wow. I can't stop thinking about that article. It is too horrible to be true. Things keep getting worse? When all I hear from Bush is good news for the economy? Since I am raising two black sons I need to read and talk about this more. Who else is thinking about this? This should be viewed as a national crisis and be in the news every day! It should be a priority! All that talent and creative inteligence and power going to waste? I want to find some blogs that are talking about this. Read the article and comment or give me some links please!

Reading the paper. As local as you can get, and as global. Love it.

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