Friday, March 10, 2006

One set of books I really don't like...

3/10/06 12:49 PM

We are home sick today, as I said in my previous post. After a while Buddy boy got sick of watching movies and asked to go up to the attic. We live in a duplex with three bedrooms, a basement and a full but unfinished attic. My attic is large but has no heat, ac, or electricity. It is a great space on a day that is not hot or cold. Today is perfect for the attic. I keep a ton of stuff up there, and unbelievable amount of stuff. I have to keep giving away boxes of stuff just to keep up with what comes into this house… anyway. I have a lot of books, games, toys, and clothes from when my oldest was growing up. OK I’m a pack rat. I somehow knew there would be more kids coming… Buddy boy loves to go up there to play because he always discovers something new and wonderful. Well today he found Candyland and dominos. I taught him how to play Candyland, and then he taught me how play for real. I showed him how to stand the dominos up in rows and knock them down, and then he showed me some really great patterns he could make. That part was fun.

We were on our way down to make some sandwiches for lunch when he spotted Buster’s old Berenstain Bears books on the shelf. Oh my stars. Why didn’t I throw them out years ago? I HATE reading those horrible goody-goody rhymes. Why did I ever buy them for Buster? Because every book club newsletter that came home from school, that was all he would ever beg for. I mean his best begging. And I always caved. So I guess I knew another kid would some day love them too? But now I have to spend the next 10 years reading them??? AAAAHHHHHH! Here he is on the couch digging in, all lunch forgotten. Pretty soon he is going to ask me to read one. Oh brother. I really hate those books. I knew this day would come. *Sigh* *Grin*


Lady said...

Oooooie, Berenstain Bears books. My daughter (now late 20's) loved those books too. I think we read the Science Fair one a gazillion (it feels like that) times LOL.

I'll have to do some crawling around in our attic, am sure I have a few Berenstain's books tucked away somewhere.

Overwhelmed! said...

I think we have a few of these, but not too many.